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About our Classes:

Do I need any Experience? Do I have to be talented?

The only thing you really need is the desire to learn. Ours is a form of teaching that fosters a pleasant and stimulating learning experience in painting and drawing.

Through a correct application of techniques you will quickly be able to achieve surprising results even if you have no previous experience.

Remember: The only possibility of failure in painting is not to start in the first place.

How long are the classes?

The length of a normal session is four hours. For any painter this is a period of time that passes quite quickly and during which you will achieve both high levels of concentration and share moments of relaxation with other students and your teachers. You may also opt for a half session of two hours.

Can I attend fewer hours that those in the established sessions?


If you are unable to attend the full four hours of the designated class and provided there is space available we can offer alternative timetables that adapt more fully to your needs. Our pricing system allows use to calculate fees in accordance with your availability and needs. Please inquire in the office.

What materials do I need for the first class?

If you do not have any materials and you do not know if you are going to like painting:

The academy will provide you with top quality oil paints for your first month of classes so you can find out if you really like painting.

After this time, if you decide to carry on with your classes you can buy materials from specialized art shops or in our own shop (with a 10% discount) all the material necessary to continue painting and learning.

(*) You should provide your our brushes and canvasses or painting boards.

If you have your own painting materials:

Bring along your existing materials so we can advise you on any additional materials you may need. To ensure a successful experience we recommend the use of authentic artist quality materials from prestigious manufacturers.

Don’t forget: 

If you use inadequate materials you will encounter additional problems in your creative work.

What happens if I miss a class?

If you miss a class for any reason the academy offers an easy system to recoup classes.

1- Missed classes should be recovered in the same month as they were originally scheduled.
2- After arranging a new time for a missed class, the student must give a minimum of 24 hours notice in the case of being unable to attend the new date. Failure to do so will make the class void.
3- The possibility to recoup classes depends on the availability of work spaces on the days requested.
4- Once exhausted all the possibilities offered for the recuperation of classes, if the student is unable to attend in the month in question, they will forfeit the right to these classes.
Classes are offered on an hours per month basis. Hours may be purchased monthly or annually. The hours contracted on a monthly basis must be used within the corresponding calendar month, and in no case may be passed to the following month. Monthly hours can be used at any time of day subject to prior programming and availability of work spaces. Responsibility for fully consuming all contracted hours rests solely with the client. The amounts paid are not refundable.

Can classes on public holidays be recovered?


Classes that coincide with public holidays are not recoupable. Please bear in mind that some calendar months you will have the opportunity to attend five classes instead of four. In general, throughout the year these months compensate for classes that might be lost due to public holidays.

Where can I leave my apron, materials and work in process?

The academy has personalized spaces where you can leave your materials and overalls. Furthermore we have a dedicated painting storeroom for works in progress.

What are the rules of good behaviour?

We are proud of the excellent working and social atmosphere in the workshop. To maintain harmonious relations in the academy it is necessary to comply with a few basic requirements:

Smoking is prohibited.

Students should not bring their own solvents or thinners that create unpleasant or irritating fumes. We provide odourless solvents for mixing and cleaning. These substances are recycled to reduce their environmental impact.
We ask students to treat the academy as they would their own home, to keep the studio clean, to avoid unnecessary noise and to treat the fellow students with due politeness.
We reserve the right of admission.


Is there system for annual payments?

There are two types of annual payment:

1. Full payment in advance for eleven months of uninterrupted classes. This advanced payment qualifies for a 10% discount on our usual prices.

2. Uninterrupted monthly payments over an eleven month period qualify for special loyalty discounts.

What is the month by month payment system?

For students unable to attend classes every month throughout the year, the best option is to pay month by month according to individual availability.
Month by month students enjoy the same rights as those who make annual payments with two exceptions:
For reasons of planning and organization monthly students should inform us of their plans for subsequent months.
Students with annual subscriptions enjoy priority in the monthly designation of easels.

What is the daily payment system?

If for any reason you have limited availability and wish to attend the academy on an hourly basis or to increase your attendance with a few extra hours, we can calculate rates on a daily basis.

One day or session is the equivalent of four hours of classes. Prices are calculates on a sliding scale. The hourly rate decreases as the number of hours rises. On reaching a total of sixteen hours, the standard monthly rate is charged.

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